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MA2 tablet compatibility

Hello All,
For the dji fly app, it states android 6 as a minimum requirement. Therefore I was looking at a Samsung tab S2 but I’ve heard this doesn’t work. I don’t want to use a 10 inch, an 8 inch tablet is fine but struggling to find one with the resolution of the tab S2. What tablets are people using these days that works. The nvidia shield K1 has been mentioned.

Thanks you lazy bastards

Ive been using an old Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8", 2019 (model SM-T290) with Android 10 and it seems to be working ok. Would love a much brighter screen for use in sunlight though.

Check out the current “most liked devices” list here:

I have tried many different tablets. Alas, the android tablets show themselves in a bad way.

So far the best option is the ipad mini 5