MA2 landing issue

recently I noticed that when I land manually, when I get close to the ground it won’t say “landing” and when it touches down the props/motors stay on, I have to press down again to shut them off. When I press the land button on my controlled it works fine and says “landing” and motors shut down as they should. I have all the latest updates on both drone and controller, did calibrations multiple times but the problem remains. Any idea what is causing it? could it be a bug on the latest update? I don’t want to send it in to DJI if I don’t have to because I’m out of warrenty : -)

Other than that the drone flies just fine.

This is normal. You have to manually shut down the motors when manually landing.

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thx for the reply, but I’ve had this drone for over a year and I can’t remember having to do this when landing, I’ve flown it over 100 times … is this something new ? or am I losing my mind? lol

This is the case with all the aircraft Mavics, Phantoms, etc… and its not anything new. Sometimes you forget the simple things. Case and point, double clicking the battery power button to shut down or power up the aircraft. Iv’e forgotten that a few times myself. Even after over 5 years of flying.