M2P Video Recording With Sound

I’ve made several flights with “sound” turned on in the DJI GO4 app. If I view the video directly from the drone connected to my iPad I get the recorded sound from my RC, but when I download the video from the drone to my iPad there’s no sound and even when I go back to a direct connection from drone to iPad there’s no sound.
How do I save the video with the recorded RC sound recording?
Thanks for any suggestions/help

The aircraft does not record sound. The RC and/or device will. If you wan’t sound in the final video from the aircraft you will need to syncro edit with a video editor.

The video and sound are always saved in two separate files. As @Fly_Dawg suggested, you’ll need to use a video editor (like one of these) to combine the files.

It’s the sound being captured from the RC as I talk that I want to hear as I play the video.
When I connect my drone directly to my iPad through the cable and play the video, the recorded sound comes through. But when I download the video to my iPad, there’s no longer the sound and when I try to go back to a direct cable between the drone and iPad the sound is no longer there either.
I understand there’s two separate files, but where and what is the “sound” file that I can dub onto the video file?
Thanks again for your replies and help

This is a quote from the DJI Forum. See if this works.

It appears that the only way to get a copy of the video with the audio included is to save the video from the app to the camera roll on the iPhone, and then synch that copy of the video to your iCloud or to your computer.

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The sound is stored along with the video file that’s cached on your mobile device. You need to retrieve that video file from your mobile device, the video file from the drone, and then take the track from the cached video and lay it on top of the video file from the drone.

To clarify what @msinger mentioned. I think he meant to say the audio track from the device video.
That is to say copy the file from your mobile device and your file from the aircraft. The device file has the audio track included. In your editor, delete the device video file but leave the audio track. Then copy and syncronize the aircraft video along with the audio track from the device.

Thank you very much for your help