M2 GO 4 Missing Yellow Touch Spot Exposure Setting on Video

Mavic 2 GO 4 seems to have eliminated any touch screen control over Auto Exposure on video, which is present on the P4P, by selecting the yellow exposure control, instead of the green focus spot control. The only video options in the upper right of the screen to select from while filming are related to focus. Either AF or AFC (depending upon settings) and MF.

Just wanted to make sure I haven’t missed a touch screen exposure toggle setting somewhere. I suspect it was an oversight that it was removed, as there is no logical reason I can think of to remove it. My concern is that it is still present, but can be be inadvertently moved away from the center weighted normal default setting, just like the dragging of the camera left or right with a press and drag, but which cannot be reset back to center without pointing the camera down and then up!

I am frequently needing to add up to a stop of exposure compensation while filming in Auto, for proper scene exposure. That may be normal to prevent highlight or shadow clipping, but if the spot exposure is still available, but has been inadvertently set based upon an odd off center area in the frame, instead of the frame scene average, that would also require this type of exposure compensation.

Am I the only one who is missing this yellow touch screen exposure setting when filming video?