Lost std 3

Thanks for welcome. I lost my Phantom 3 Std. on Oct. 11,2018 and will be asking for help with flight record as soon as I learn more about the forum. I have already reviewed the record on my tablet and it looks like I lost connection about 3000 -4000ft from takeoff point and 400ft in the air. Once I learn how to use the forum I can upload the flight record.


Follow this link for uploading your log. Then place a link to that back here. Quite simple actually.

Phantom Help Upload

Here is my flight log. Hope this attachment works.


Bear with me, have to get used to this forum . I will answer any inquiries. Thanks a lot to you expert flyers.

This one is going to be tough to find. You had the following against you:

  • It was probably too windy to be flying (especially beyond VLOS)
  • Your Phantom was downwind, so it had to fight the wind on the return trip
  • The few times your Phantom tried returning home, it drifted toward W Higgins Rd because the wind was blowing in that direction
  • The area where it most likely landed seems to be covered with trees and brush

Here’s a map of the wind speed calculated by Airdata:

Based on the flight time remaining, the ground your Phantom covered in previous RTH attempts, and the direction your Phantom was flying in previous RTH attempts, I'm guesstimating it landed somewhere in this yellow box:

Thanks for your great response.You are correct about the high winds.Was just trying to help a fellow pilot find his downed drone. Oh well. In any case I would like to point out that in my panic I had my throttle maxed out in the wrong direction for most of the flight (May not matter in the calculations because signal was gone at the end anyway). The good news is that the yellow box is centered on the paved bike path so the area is accessible. Also most of the leaves are gone this time of year. Another opportunity for another search. Will post my finding.

Thanks for your help.