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Lost spark

Seen someone post here describing the skill of some of the members and their ability to predict flight path after disconnect on a auto land. Here is my flight log

I also have some .dat files here


The drone was at 154ft when I lost connection.

Given the fact that you were issuing full elevator forward during autoland, this is most difficult to predict a more exact location. It appears that you only lost downlink. Making the assumption that you lost uplink simultaneously, or very close thereof, the aircraft should be in the middle of the field. However, if you continued to issue the full elevator during the descent, it could be much farther than the area shown below.

See that’s the thing. I continued holding the sticks forward for realasitcly probably the rest of its decent. Which I assume would of been before the battery ran dead? Cause I didn’t know if it would come back into range or not.

Then that would most likely place the aircraft farther than the estimate, or closer to you relatively speaking. You may have a difficult time finding this one. It is possible, but with the last co-ordinace where it is, it would be a bit of a stretch guess. In autoland, you should realize that at that range you don’t have a chance to get it back before battery depletion or a crash. Max altitude probably wouldn’t be enough. Much less 150ft. But, regardless of that. As I said, it might be tough to locate.

Yeah, it was totally a idiot move. I thought it kept telling me it was going to RTH cause of connection lost; when in reality it probably did but the other warnings were about battery life. Rookie mistake. Lol. I also wasnt expecting to just break connection and not reconnect. Haha. Ill keep you guys updated. I got a endoscope to take with me tomorrow to give her one good try. That way I can have the camera below the bean leaves and just run the rows up and down. Try and do minimal damage to the field but make it easier on me too

Try looking around 39.482750, -87.016972 (the yellow pin below). If you don’t find it there, I’d recommend using the map app on your mobile phone to map a path between that point and 39.481824, -87.015573. And then start following that path. Since it’s not possible to find out what you were doing with the remote controller sticks, you might want to at least look up to about 20 feet on either side of that line (the red line below).