Lost spark

Hi I lost yesterday my spark drone. Anybody can help me analyze crash aries
Thank you

Please upload your TXT flight log here and post the link back here.

Video of the flight log would be nice if you can only.but the text shoukd be enough

Hi. Flight record log


Video cache for last flight

Thank for help

Video cache

Your battery shutdown at this point at 112 meters in altitude. It should have fallen roughly straight down at the point on the map, give or take a bit for wind drift.

You started the flight with a battery at 32% (nearly depleted). At 8m 46s into the flight, the Spark started returning home since it reached the low battery level. The Spark was not able to make it back in time due to the strong winds (see the image below) and had to auto land at its current location at 9m 23s. It was unable to land since you had the throttle in the full up position during most of that time. That eventually caused the battery to shut off mid flight and the Spark dropped to the ground from an altitude of above 368 feet.