Lost Spark after gps error

Hi. it has been 9 hours since I lost my spark.
Am I able to retrieve it if the battery died?

Did you check out your TXT flight log to see if it explains what happened? If not, you can upload and view that log file online here. After uploading it, post a link to that page back here if you’d like other people to review and comment on your flight log.


The flight log shows the Spark’s last location was at 3.347115, 113.158457. It was flying in ATTI mode and drifting away from the home point at about 1 MPH.

Since the Spark was in ATTI mode, it would have started to auto land at its current location 3 seconds after the remote controller disconnected from the Spark. Assuming the remote controller disconnected at the end of the flight log, it would have taken the Spark about 21 seconds to land (probably a little bit less since the terrain was increasing).

Unfortunately, there are many trees in the location where it landed. And it could have landed high up in a tree. Start your search in this area:

So, that means that the last location is not where the spark has landed, is it?
The last altitude was around 45.9m. is there any probability that the spark have landed in the river instead?
It was a forest area and I doubt I can found it.:frowning_face:

That’s correct. It was high up in the air at the time and drifting away with the wind. It would have continued drifting while it was auto landing.

It’s possible, but I don’t think it’s likely since the Spark did not seem to be drifting in that direction at the end of the flight log.

The last battery level is 90%, it might be dead by now. I wish I find out early about this so that I can retrieve it as early as possible before the battery drains out.
Anyway, thanks for your guide and reply.
this is really helpful!

Yes, the battery is definitely dead by now.