Lost P3 Drone

Was flying on a windy day weather said 22 km hr winds didn’t think much of it, flying in a open field when a gust of wind came up to 75km flying my drone into the woods, I was in my car my phone had like 89% battery life, but when i chased through the field to try and get visual on where i could land safety my phone died from the cold now I’m wondering if when the phone dies do the map routing stop tracking like on the flight planner, I spent 8-9 hours total searching these woods and the area around and I can’t seem to find it is there any other way I can go about finding a gps tracking of it

flight log

In answer to your question, without location data it is all guessing. Your last reported location is shown below. It appears it was trying to return home but the wind was too strong. At the time of data loss it was relatively stationary trying to move back to the home point that you changed from takeoff.

Yes, the wind was definitely too strong to be flying. Your Phantom had about 3 minutes of flight time remaining before it would have made it to the ground due to the battery reaching the critically low level. It likely continued to drift further away from the last location in the direction the wind was blowing.

thanks for the helpful post, I’m going to go back out and travel the direction the wind was blowing in the last known location for about 3 km

found the drone this picture was helpful in giving direction of the way to go.

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Great news! Where did you find it?

around this area of the red x
will be needing a few repairs tho

Good to hear. You have more gusto than I would have…:+1::+1: