Lost my Mavic Air this weekend

Hi all,

I have just lost my 3 months mavic air this weekend. Can someone please help to understand what happened and where I may be able to find it?!

I lunched it on a park close to a small village. It was working well for the first 1 min or so, took a few photos while it was 35/40 metres from the floor and suddenly i started getting error messages like IMU heading error, fly forward or backward or land as soon as possible to calibrate the compass, poor GPS sign etc then i tried to controlled a bit and went absolutely crazy to the point that i just lost RC connection, image and i could not even see the drone in the sky while it was getting further and further from me.

I do not have much experience with drones but looking at what people was posting and also few comments on here this look that happens quite a lot before. How is this possible?! Can someone please guide me on understanding how to analyse the data, flight log etc?

i will try to upload my log and would appreciate a lot if someone can give me any information to assist me on understanding where is the drone now and what exactly happened.

Ok… as i am new here, i am not allowed to share any files?! Any idea how i can do that?

I am desperate to find my drone

From your brief description, it sounds like you may have had a compass issue, in which case the aircraft auto-switched to ATTI mode. Which means no GPS positioning and only the barometer for altitude hold. Everything else is manual control, assuming you did not lose uplink, in which case the aircraft would land where it is. Without GPS positioning RTH will not happen. You can upload your .txt log file to the link below, to start with and share a link back here to the upload. Of note, if you lost downlink, finding the aircraft will be difficult, due to the fact that data transmission also stops.

Log Viewer

Mate, thank you so much for helping. let see what you think about it, from my point of view from minute 1:49 I lost completely the control of the drone and it started to fly away. Increased speed, changed direction etc. Also there are many seconds missing on the image is showing the drone flying backward but it was going forward… abouthttps://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/BYLC7RTX69F16HEOR62G

You actually lost signal at 1:55 not 1:49. You were flying the aircraft forward ( away from you ) but with the nose of the aircraft facing you. There is no way to know what happened during the signal loss period, however, the last control inputs you issued were full elevator. Signal returned, for 200ms and went away again at the last recorded point and the aircraft was is RTH. With winds being light from what I checked, the aircraft should have continued the track back to the home point. Is it possible that you did not wait long enough for it to return?

Really appreciate your time and input but I am sure the aircraft was facing ahead and not me. I got image recorded that I can share and while I went to check where the aircraft was for a bite, a friend stayed on the home point for at least 20 min more and nothing happened. My RC disconnected from the aircraft quite quickly, green to read light and also my screen when completely black. On the other hand why I have lost connection when between the Aircraft and myself there were not buildings and it was only 100 m from me? Really its very weird. I search 300 metres around and I couldnt find anything that evening and also next day went again asking… it’s a bit frustrating. I don’t know what to think. This of course will not be covered by the warranty right? Even thought I am quick sure I did not do anything wrong…

I cant really answer the question on warranty issues, but generally speaking DJI will not cover unless they have the aircraft. Sometimes it works the other way. I will ask @msinger if he could provide more information to you as far as analysis and warranty goes.

That’s a tough area to search. It could be on top of a building or someone could have picked it up since that’s a pretty populated area.

Probably not, but DJI support would have the final say on that one.

I guess you saw as I did many videos on internet about the Mavic air aircraft getting crazy, losing signal and crashing. There are a few even on this forum page, more in YouTube. Is there other data analysis possible to understand what happened? This was a pretty new aircraft, it was only 50/100 m from me and not buildings between. This seems to be a manufacturing fault.

The only additional data you will have is the device .dat that is recorded along with the device .txt. Unfortunately the same applies with signal loss. No Downlink=No Data. If you would like to have it looked at anyway, see the link to retrieve it. Retrieve a Device .DAT

You will need to upload that to a share site such as dropbox…etc…and share a link back here to the file.
The file you need is FLY035.DAT

Sorry guys I have been very busy at work plus some travelling duties.

Please find my flight data here. Right now the only thing that I want is to understand why the drone flew way without me controlling it or so. As I believe from minute 1:48 I did not have any control over it and the aircraft went further and further from me.

As much as data possible will help me to ask to be covered by warranty as this manic air was only 4 months older.

Many thanks all

Looking at this additional data, it looks like you had an IMU issue almost immediately after takeoff. There were positioning and velocity errors with the positioning error lasting the entire duration. There was no “Compass Error” message that I can find, however the data points to that. In the event log, you can see the compass issues as well as what I think is a switch to ATTI mode. Your GPS levels were very low as well, which also points to an ATTI switch. In ATTI mode, the aircraft will only use the barometer for hovering, but will have no GPS positioning and can easily be blown with the wind. All control is manual.

These were repeated several times in the event log.