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lost my mavic air in foreign country


I have just lost my mavic air and would appreciate it if anyone has any tips about figuring out what happened.

It was flying “return home” and next thing I know I my screen went black and that I lost connection. I pressed the Home button, but nothing happened. I have look the flight log and it seems that it stopped in the middle of the flight. I did combed the area but no lucks.

I’m really devastated having with me for the vacation and only had it for not even 3 years. If anyone can help me understand how I lost it, it would give me a closure.
Will DJI replace the lost drone?

Many thanks!

We will need to see your flight log for the flight , such as it may be, to answer any questions.

how to get the flight log on my iphone?

Follow this link and follow the instructions. This is the easiest way if you have not uploaded a log before.
Once you upload the file there, share a link back here to the uploaded file.

Thanks for your help, I just upload my flightrecord (1/20/2020)

Hi, did you have chance to look at the log? and figure out why I lost it?


You did not supply the link to the uploaded file.

Hello Fly_Dawg,
How do I upload and share the log, and also how do I know where it go.
I think I did upload the file


So, that’s it?
Nothing we can do about the drone, it’s just gone…

Can’t answer your question without the logs. You may have uploaded it, but you did not share a link back here to the file.

I thought I already upload the link

show me again how to upload again, thanks