Lost my drone

Hi i lost my drone heres my flight data . I went to 3500 meters altitude . I lost gps an the battery died at 520 meters . Find my drone seems to be showing me the wrong location . Can you assist me to find it. Whats left of it.

You can upload your TXT flight log here. If you need help reviewing it, please post a link here after uploading it.

https://www.phantomhelp.com/logviewer/25FL4KQ932BD3AA0OZZS/ . The last kniw location is wrong i think . Because according to my video feed it was about 800 meters away from this position when it died. An i had no gps

Indeed. Since you could not see the drone with your eyes and there is no GPS data in the flight log, you’re likely not going to be able to track it down.

Did you attach your contact information to the drone? Perhaps someone will find it and contact you.

No but i live in farm area . So i dont think it will be stolen . Everyone knows everyone here . I just want to know . Do you agree that find my drones location is wrong because i think so

No GPS data was being recorded at the end of the flight, so the last recorded coordinates could not be accurate.