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Lost mini 2.No RC connection.

I am on vacation and flying my mini 2 along a river bank but as I turned a corner I lost RC signal at 02:35 of flying time. RTH was set to hover a few days back. Auto RTH was initiated but I stopped it due to some trees in between. Thereafter again RC signal was lost and then made a short connection at 03:50 for a few seconds and saw the drone at the same position. Then one more connection wa made at 08:35 of flying time with the same position and battery at 50% with 13 minutes of flying time remaining. I tried to reach the spot but couldn’t find the drone.tried beep end flash but says ac disconnected from RC.

I need help to see what happened in the last minutes of the mini2.

  1. Does the hover setting need to be set everytime you go flying or once it’s set to hover it will stay that way because my auto RTH was initiated on signal loss the first time?
  2. Will the auto RTH reinitiate the second time RC signal is lost or will it not once it has been manually overridden?
  3. Will the failsafe RTH work on low battery?

Can someone help me decipher the flight log,how to get it and where to upload it?

If I recall correctly if RC is lost for 11 consecutive secs then RTH is activated. In your case if RTH was set to Hover and you didn’t take action to change it the aircraft would have just remained where it was, hovering until the battery was close to exhaustion then it would land. I think your best action in this case would have been to try moving closer to the drone to re-establish RC connection and if connection was re-established immediately change the RTH option in the DJI Fly app under “Advanced Safety Settings” to “Return To Home”, set the RTH altitude well above any trees or objects in its path back to you, update the Home Point and then activate RTH.
On an Android device the DJI Fly app Flight Logs are at Main Storage/Android/data/dji.go.v5/files/FlightRecord
Locate your last flight log then upload to