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Lost Mavic Pro

Hi All,

Just found this forum and hoping someone in here can give me some help.
Was out with my magic pro a couple of days ago, when a gust of wind got hold of the drone and carried it some distance away from me.
Being fairly new to this, I panicked not really knowing what to do other that try to fight wind and fly back. This failed.
The aircraft got disconnected I a field nearby. Using find my drone I went to the location and searched for two hours, in and around that location with no luck. According to the information from the flight records, it was still at 130ft when disconnected and still had 26% battery.
Ive faced the fact that it’s highly unlikely to find now, however there has been no rain for days so hopefully it may still be intact if found.
If anyone can give me some help I’d much appreciate it.


Flight record >

When you checked wind conditions before your flight, what was the result? Also, you took off with only a half full battery?

ONE Very Important Thing is to never ever take off with a battery thats not 100% charged…if you do the battery calculating system wont work as expected…and that alone will cause a lost drone.