Lost maverick mini. Lost connection with black screen.


A few days ago I’ve lost my Mavic Mini.

Here is the uploaded flight log:

I believe I have flown it too high and with some wind, the drone and controller lost connection and the drone didn’t manage to return home.

I think the last known coordinates know were before the signal was lost. I doubt that the drone crashed, as there are only fields around everywhere. According to the flight log, the altitude was around 100 meters. The problems started to happen right around here, as it started to drift to the north-east:

I’ve tried to search on foot around the place where it was last seen but without any success.
Can someone help me read the flight log and try to guess where it could have crashed?

Thank you very much, I really hope to find it.

Unfortunately I don’t think you will be able to locate the aircraft. That said, what I’m saying is only a best guess scenario. Just before the last signal loss, it appears the aircraft had begun a drift to the south, still fighting the wind at very high altitude in an attempt to RTH. Taking the battery level at that point and calculating a best guess autoland area along with the strong winds that were preventing RTH. The aircraft could be any place in a very large area. I calculated the drift before auto land to be in the area of 1300 meters. That does not include the auto land itself. From 163 meters and a strong WSW wind it would drift even farther during landing. My guess on the search area would be someplace within the shaded area below. That’s a lot of looking for a best guess.

WSW wind at 43 KPH

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Thank you so much for your time! We are really grateful!
We will try to follow your guidelines and continue our searches in the proposed area.
The area is quite big, but open fields are a bit more doable.
Snow makes it a bit difficult, but it’s better than tall grass in any other season.

Will keep you posted. Thanks again!