Lost drone, need help analysis please!!

Hello there,

Just lost my spark during a flight a few days ago… it was close to eolic platforms, I guess it was a really bad idea…

I set home point, saw enough satelits and send it out. Then he started to identify magnetic interferance and then gps signal was lost. He just started to go away really fast. The he respond a bit and I was able to make him come down for a while. I tried to make it come to home point but I had no longer control of it or signal…

I used the “find my drone” and found the spot but couldn’t find the drone.
With the log it seems to me I was looking in the wrong place…

Can you guys help me understand the real location of spark, or help analysing it?

here is the log: http://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/PMVOMF39LYPDL5N06UCS/

Big thanks,

At the end of your flight log, your Spark was flying away from the home point at an altitude of about 206 feet. So, it’s not going to be near the last point recorded in the flight log.

Based on the locations where your Spark was recorded in your flight log, the speeds estimated by the flight controller cannot be trusted. According to the GPS data, your Spark was traveling at 15 MPH in this direction:


If the remote controller disconnected from the Spark at the end of the flight log, it would have started auto landing at its current location after 3 seconds. Since it was flying in ATTI mode, it would have continued drifting with the wind as it descended to land. Assuming it continued on the same flight path, it would have been traveling near the orange line below and landed somewhere in the yellow box:


Plug 39.585053, -8.570328 into the map app on your mobile phone and start following along that orange line. It looks like there are a lot of trees in that area, so make sure you’re checking overhead too in case it landed in a tree.


Thanks a lot for your help @msinger, I will try to make a new search in this area with this information.

If there is others tips or ideas, they are welcome aswell :slight_smile:


Good luck with your search. Let us know how you make out.

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