Lost Drone - Lost connection and have final spot at 3:00 left!

I’m so upset I was flying my drone and I somehow lost RC signal because of the trees around me, I guess, and I was told that MAYBE someone could help me read my dat file? I’ve tried to read them on my Mac and am having issues with the reader and would love any help you could provide.

Here’s the link to my log:


Or is it better for me to upload csv?

I tried looking around for a couple of hours until dark around its last recorded place but was having trouble with locating me when it crashed I think.

I’ll be going back at sunrise in the morning to look again.

I’m sorry for all the questions, but I’m new to the forum and not familiar with the process - I’m just panicking and heard this is the best place to come and appreciate any help or advice you might have for me.

Keeping out hope I can find it in the morning…

For the record, you may want to re-read the FAA guidelines for flight. 1200ft is 3 times max altitude.
That aside, your last recorded position is below. The aircraft was autolanding due to critical battery from
~180ft. Either it landed or fell from the sky, likely in the tree tops in this general area.

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@brandonblattner, it should be easy to find since it was descending straight down at the end of the flight log. The last recorded location was at 38.30450593, -120.258671. Enter those coordinates in the map app on your mobile phone and you should find it close to that location.

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