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Lost DJI Spark in flyaway

Hi all, Sorry to hi-jack your thread here Tom, my spark also went into fly away and atti etc and is lost. Trying to see if I can locate it but am not the most clued up with loading flight logs etc. I followed the instructions on the forum and loaded the data files into the folder below.

Any chance someone can help please!

All data files can be downloaded here from my dropbox link.
Data Files

Here’s a link to your flight log:

Your Spark was hovering in ATTI mode at the end of your flight log. Since it was in ATTI mode, it would have auto landed at its current location 3 seconds after the remote controller disconnected. Look for it near the end of the flight path.

Probably I’m missing something here, but why don’t the controls show any input?

I’m not sure. Over in the DJI forum, I saw someone mention the OP was flying with the virtual sticks on a mobile device (no remote controller). I don’t know if the stick positions are recorded in the TXT flight log in that case.

Perhaps the OP will confirm.

So the Spark auto lands when in atti and it looses signal? Cant find it in the manual.

Yes, it auto lands. That’s not covered in the manual.


Stick input data is not written in flightlogs if using only a mob device (no RC)


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