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lost DJI FPV

I’m from Floripa / Brazil

I lost my DJI FPV on the second flight, and I can’t find it !!!

Does anyone know or can indicate a way to make it beep or turn on lights or even a better position in the gps?

when I go to the selection to find my drone, only the last 20 seconds of recording appears
there is no place in the gps where he was last and also I don’t think it’s the function of him emitting a sound or lighting for me to find him.

it was in a forest reserve, I had a huge difficulty getting the clearance to enter the place !!!,
yesterday I did it, and I stayed about 3 hours in the middle of the forest, close to where it happened !!

hj so i can enter it again at 3 pm

and I can’t believe that there is no way to find it on the gps or that he beeps to make it easier and look for it !!!

Here is a video, I shot my glasses on my cell phone so it’s bad to see
It was of a gigantic immaturity and irresponsibility of mine

this place is on an island, then the effort is great, I take a boat there and start the hunt with a scythe and machete, because the forest is very closed, from the video it seems that it is at the beginning and it is easy, and close but ok angry and difficult to access, lots of vegetation


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during the flight I didn’t have my cell phone connected to my glasses.

I realized that the previous time I flew I used the connected cell phone, and the video log was saved on the cell phone.

if you manage to make it emit an audio signal it would be perfect, do you know if that [is possible?

the mini mavic I had did it, easily.

The DJI FPV drone has no find my drone features like available in DJI’s apps when flying other drones. Even if that feature was available, it wouldn’t work unless the drone is powered on.

The flight logs are stored on the drone itself. I don’t know of any usable flight data stored on the FPV Goggles.

I had a similar problem today
I gently crashed in a field, and it took me 30mn to find my drone.
Is there a way we can make the drone beep when it still have some battery left ?


You could add this functionality by attaching something like the VIFLY Beacon.