Lost Control Mavic Pro

Hello, I am very new droning and recently had my first (hopefully only) crash. I was taking some photos of friends at the dock of their lake at sunset. Once I had enough photos I decided to play around a bit in sport mode as there was tons of open space. After a few minutes I began to notice that the drone was not responding to my controls properly and I decided to bring it back in. That’s when I lost all control and it took off into a near by tree. I was able to retrieve it from the tree with very minimal damage (still don’t know how it didn’t break into a million pieces).

I have uploaded the flight logs in hopes that someone can help me out. I fear that my compass is faulty? I flew the drone about 4 times that day with no issue, however I was reviewing the flight data from the other flights and realized that apparently there were compass error warnings for them too. Why am I getting so many compass errors (in log data)? And why am I not getting these warning during a flight?

Thank-you in advance for any help and guidance.

@BudWalker, do you have any ideas on this one?

There isn’t quite enough info in the .txt you submitted. It would help if we could look at a .DAT file for this incident. There is a .DAT on the MP itself - look here to see how to retrieve that. If you can’t get that .DAT then there is one on the tablet - look here to see how to get that one.

You’ll probably need to upload the .DAT to a public share site like Dropbox or GoogleDrive. Then post the link to the shared .DAT

Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time. I believe this is the .dat file for that particular flight. Not really sure how to tell.

do you have the forward obstacle avoidance turned on?

Yes, it was turned on, however when I lost control I was in sport mode. I understand that obstacle avoidance does not work in sport mode??

Mine does. But I went into the settings to make sure of it. So as long as I’m flying forward it will stop before hitting anything. I knew to flying so didn’t want to hit anything

Sorry for the delay. I took a quick look at your .DAT and wasn’t able to figure out much. I think @sar104 is going to take a look.

Have you added some external equipment such as a tracker?

Thanks for looking. No I haven’t added anything to the drone.

There are some significant discrepancies between the IMU yaw and magnetic yaw at the end of the flight, which most likely led to the erratic flight. After 700 s there are increasingly large pitch and roll excursions relative to the stick inputs. I can’t see any obvious causes either. Have you checked to see if the compass is within spec?

Thanks for your input @sar104. I will look into whether or not the compass is in spec, any advice on how to check that?

I wonder, do you think I should contact dji also? I am terrified to fly it again, should this same thing happen again, the chances of something much worse happening are great.

Thanks again for all the input and advice.

Look in the Go app “Main Controller Settings > Advanced Settings > Sensors > Compass”.

Try a compass and IMU calibration and then, in an open area, power it up, check that the aircraft orientation arrow in the app corresponds to the actual direction (relative to north) that the aircraft is pointing, take off vertically, ascend to 20 ft or so, and then rotate the aircraft through a full turn using the rudder. The check if it will fly forwards, backwards, and sideways as commanded in a straight line.

Then we could take another look at the resulting DAT file.

Thanks @sar104 I will try and do that this weekend and post results early next week.