Lost connection with MA



Hi their fellow dronies

I lost my MA a couple of months ago and have just returned back from working abroad and have now been able to upload the data from that lost connection flight, again thanks for the support when I first posted my MA going MIA back in February on the DJI forum.

flight details - lost connection during the flight, no obstacles in the way, I was on high ground. the skies where clear no wind.

Any help would be much appreciated to decipher the log. This is also a running case for DJI.

Thanks Scott

Had the wind and aircraft speed stayed consistent, the aircraft would have made it back to the home point with maybe around 30 seconds of battery power to spare. Since it did not make it to the home point, I’m assuming the battery reached the critically low level on the way back to the home point and the aircraft landed somewhere along this red line (likely closer to the home point):

Whatever the case, it should have been easy to find if you walked the entire red line. Maybe someone else saw it land and picked it up?

Thanks for the reply, I was trying to walk straight to last known position listening and looking for it, and I had my son stay at the home point but The MA didn’t return home , we walked up and down searching for it 4 times, at first I even tried the find my drone but it could not locate it.
The flying conditions where great sunny less no wind.
I did put it on Facebook local lost and found site but with no joy