Lost connection mid flight

Hi everyone,

My Air lost signal to my controller today. It was about 1km away with a clear line of sight. Everything was fine then…it all dropped out. I am in Australia but drone is still in FCC mode as just back from USA.

Here is log:

Also is there a guide to use the map viewer. What are the 3 radar looking icons when looking at a flight.

Any help appreciated.


Not sure why you posted the log. There is nothing there except signal loss. It happens.

The “Radar” Icons, if that is what you are referring to are “Yellow Arrow” Right and Left Stick inputs.
Red Arrow " Aircraft , Pitch, and Roll "


Here’s a video that explains what the attitude indicator shows:

Your flight log doesn't show any signs of a signal problem prior to the disconnect. Perhaps there was some interference in the area where you were flying.

If you’re able to reproduce this issue, then try putting your mobile device in airplane mode (or manually disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular) and make sure there are no other electronic devices near the remote controller while flying. And make sure the remote controller antennas are positioned like this:

Thanks. You hit the nail on the head regarding the “radar” icons.

The plot also shows two dots - are these where the battery reaches certain levels?

I posted the log as the signal loss was significant to me. At around 1km away I lost complete contact with the drone. The area is completely rural. I did not regain contact. Luckily the drone returned to home. Even when closer signal/connection was not restored. I would have thought than when it was closer the link would have resumed. I don’t think this is normal?

Thanks again.

It’s not normal unless some kind of interference near the remote controller was preventing it from reconnecting.