Lost connection, Fly away mavic mini, please help!

Hoping anyone can help me extrapolate where my Mavic could have potentially ended up. Tried to use RTH but somehow, it never made it home or I am not sure if it did because I completely lost connection with the drone. Here are the flight stats:


Thanks in advance!

  1. Home point was not registered on takeoff or during flight, so RTH couldnt have returned.
  2. check your settings in app, make sure that RTH is on if signal lost.
  3. takeoff battery only 73%. Never a good idea.
  4. Your line of sight/signal may have been blocked by buildings around you.
    Sorry about your loss.

Your issue here is due to the wind. The winds were too strong for RTH. As soon as RTH was initiated you lost signal. Signal returned just before a final signal loss. During this time the aircraft remained in RTH attempting to return home to no avail. You recieved multiple wind warnings.