Lost Connection and Lost Mavic Mini (10-20 meters away)

Hi I lost my connection to my drone (Mavic mini) and it fell and got lost. I would love to upload the flight record data for some help on figuring out why it lost control and fell.

Upload your .txt log to this link: https://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/Upload/

If you would like someone to review the log, place a link back here to the uploaded file.


Thanks :smiley:

There is nothing to indicate a problem in the logs, except for the fact that while you were applying full forward elevator and full up throttle, it appears that you may have hit something or something hit you.
At ~474.5 seconds there was an extreme 60 degree pitch up and a hard 60 degree roll. The aircraft also spun around 360 degrees at that exact time frame. More data may be available in the device .dat log.
I suspect that you hit the bridge, but cannot confirm that.

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Thanks for analyzing the data for me.