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Lost Brand New Spark

Hey People,
My brand new drone lost connection. Was fairly close to me in a remote location with no interference. After searching for 5 hours I found the battery with no damage whatsoever but I couldn’t find the drone. Completely devastated

Here is a link to the flight log.

Any ideas what happened


If you found the battery, the aircraft should be nearby, UNLESS the battery was ejected somehow during flight. Below is the profile and the last signal co-ordinace. There is nothing in this data that I can find that indicate any issue prior to signal loss. All of the data points appear normal. The disconnect occurred almost immediately after the aircraft began the flight back after you commanded RTH.


Unless someone else found it before you, it’s gotta be somewhere near where you found the battery.

Was it windy? If the battery was ejected from 340 feet up, the Spark may be a bit down wind from the battery.

Sorry for your loss. Good luck!

Winds were between 20-25 MPH per Darksky and Airdata.

That’s windy! Especially for a little Spark.

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Today I lost my drone (spark). It was not that far and not that high. It suddenly stopped communicating with my control and as I ran to the location where it was, I was never able to find it. Here is my log:

I’m still hopping to talk with the owner of the building close to the last location recorded just to try to spot my spark in the roof… if not, I’m not sure how to get it!
Can you more experienced pilots help me?

Thanks for your patience.

Filipe Gomes

I can only guess that it RTH’d at the point where the log ends and hit the west side of the lighthouse. Could be on the roof near there…

Good luck!


The RTH altitude was set to 20 meters. Since the Spark was already above that altitude (89 feet), it would have attempted to return home at its current altitude. I think it crashed into this structure:

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I’ll try to ask tomorrow to the lighthouse personnel… today there was only one guy and he was helpful allowing me to look inside the area, but he had no access to the roofs… and that is my hope! I’m just concerned about the RTH… do you think it was updated to the location where I started flying?


The home point did not change during the flight. It was located at 38.69529347, -9.44492062.

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Hopefully I can find my spark on top of the roof on the side of the lighthouse :pray:

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the advices, i’m much appreciated


Hello pilots, there is some hope after all! I found a propeller on the side of the lighthouse and unfortunately after looking on top of the roofs near to it, there was no Spark. My hope is that in two days when the staff returns from Christmas They can check on top of the lighthouse itself… For me that was a great Christmas gift!!

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