Losing communication with mini2

Flying my mini2 at about 260ft altitude i keep getting messages losing signal with drone?

Has this always happened?

Does it happen when flying in various locations?

Did you find any useful/related data in the TXT flight log?

Did you install any 3rd party accessories on your drone or remote controller?

I have been flying near my house and the the roof is metal i thought it was that but i stept away from house and it still did it seem to hover when i lost signal to drone the 1st 4 or 5 flights i had no problems i would get warning of flying over 300 ft so lowered it to 270ft and it started giving me losing signals to drone no new attchments ?

Are you saying you’re flying from inside a house that has a metal roof? Or are you outside where the path is completely clear between the remote controller and the drone?