Looking for flight data file formats

Hi everyone…

A couple of questions for the forum…

I am attempting to locate a resource (website, document, etc.) that would provide a comprehensive list of the flight file formats for various UAVs. As for example…

The flight files for DJI would look like this

The flight logs for a Bepop would look like this
Bebop: droneFlight.txt

Does anyone know of such a site or resource, where I might find this information?

For the various DJI UAV model types, are the flight record as shown above the same or do different model types create their own unique flight file type?

Where would I be able to find, once again, a comprehensive list of the flight file formats for the various DJI UAVs?

Thank you in advance for any insights and/or information that you may be able to provide in assistance with my research.


Big Al

Such a thing probably doesn’t exist since there aren’t many people who would be interested in flying/viewing logs for more than one type of drone. Maybe try visiting the top forums for each drone brand.

Thank you!

I will try reaching out to the forums for various drone brands.

I appreciate your response.