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Looking for a gimbal

Hello, im new here. Im from Puerto Rico, just bought a phantom 3 from.ebay with a damaged gimbal. I need a used good gimbal, because theres a lot of missing/damaged parts. Anyone might have one? Thanks guys i have always trusted the forums rather than ebay. Actual member of some automotive forums and motorcycle forums too. Its a P3 standard

Which Phantom 3 model do you own?

Im.sorry i didnt post it, its a standard P3

Why not buy a gimbal (or the exact parts you need) on eBay? I see many there for sale.

I have tried, but they state on the sale that is for parts only, or that it is untested and no returns accepted, and im skeptical into buying something that the seller cant assure that is working and wont accept a return and i lose my money, thats why i came here because i thought maybe someone has for sale that are in good working order

If you don’t mind paying more, there are a few DJI dealers selling units advertised as in good working condition (like here or here).

Wow! $499 i bought the P3 used on ebay. I only have the camera and pitch motor. But $400+ is a lot

Yep! Maybe go with the $299 or less options. Or sell your drone for parts and buy one that’s in working order.

Yeah, i thought of that. Maybe sell it again and buy another one.

Parts for older drones get harder to find as time goes on. And people naturally want to ask more for the parts since they know they are hard to find.

I see, what about the go pro option, is it good?

Are you referring to attaching a GoPro camera to a Phantom 3 Standard? I guess you could do that, but you’ll have no live view while flying.

If you’re looking for a less expensive DJI drone, the Mini 2 might be a good option (depending on what you’re doing). It’s a great bargain for the price and comes packed with many features not available in the Mavic Mini.

Oh ok. Thanks, ill keep an eye on ebay to see if someone post anything in my budget also ill check locally on FB marketplace

Just an update, i bought a gimbal on ebay, the seller stated that he got no image with it, i took my chances since i have a camera hoping maybe that is the problem, ill let you guys know.

When my P3S gimbal failed (eventually went completely limp but had been progressively getting worse) I tried fixing it by replacing the flex cable with 3 different ones including an original one, but that did not fix the problem. I eventually bought a complete camera gimbal assembly on eBay for around US$160 from a seller in China. My camera/gimbal works perfectly now.

Here’s the seller I used.


Bought one, but installing the flex cable broke the locking tab, theres no way to fix it, theres no way to get the perfect contact either without that locking tab. Needing a MB now