Log Viewer: Verbose CSV fields - explanation?

First time poster, be nice!

Some of the fields in the file obtained from the ‘Download verbose CSV’ option of the Flight Log Viewer are self-explanatory, others a little unclear - is there any documentation explaining all these fields?


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@BudWalker, do you know if ferraript has this documented somewhere?

Negatory. DJI doesn’t provide documentation that can be passed along. That leaves the developer with the choices 1) sometimes guessing what fields mean, or 2) leaving it to end users to make their own determination about what fields represent. I faced this dilemma with DatCon.

@Richard_Lamb which fields do you have questions about?

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Thanks! There are a few obscure ones, but initially what do you make of ‘OSD.groundOrSky’?

When set to “Ground”, the aircraft is on the ground. When set to “Sky”, the aircraft is in the sky.

Self explanatory.

Lol. Well, that does seem pretty obvious! Not sure how I missed that…

Hi All,

Also new to the forum here. I have a similar question regarding the Verbose CSV fields.

Is anyone able to shed light on the SMART_BATTERY.status & SMART_BATTERY.status.RAW fields? In particular I’m trying to find out the values 5, 13 & 14 in the SMART_BATTERY.status.RAW field, they just come up with “Other” in the SMART_BATTERY.status field.

Appreciate any help.


“Other” means the status is unknown.