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Log Viewer Download Verbose CSV option no longer available?

I recently used the PhantomHelp site to upload a log file. I wanted to download the verbose CSV file but that option does not seem to be available anymore. Am I doing something wrong or has the option been removed.

The original verbose CSV is no longer available. The CSV that is currently available contains all of the fields from the old verbose CSV – plus many more.

The first one I looked for was the field that used to be called Custom.isVideo and while the camera was recording it contained the value “Recording”. It now seems to be called Camera.isVideo and contains the value “False” except for when the camera started recording, when it contains “True”. However it does not continue to contain True while the camera continues recording, and therefore I can’t tell when it stopped recording. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Yes, I see what you mean. I’ll take a closer look and get back to you.

Thank you. I have an application which was working but the changes caused a few issues. This was one that I can’t easily solve.

This issue has been resolved. Camera.isVideo should now always be set to True while video is being recorded.

Thank you. I can confirm it works correctly. To avoid confusion for those following this - Custom.isVideo is now called Camera.isVideo.


In a similar vein, the field CUSTOM.updateTime used to contain the Date and Time - like this
2020/09/11 05:13:13.347

It is now called CUSTOM.updateTime [local] and only contains the time - like this
8:21:30.8 AM

I cant see any reference to the date in the CSV file. Do I have to get the date from the filename (eg T:DJIFlightRecord_2021-07-22_[16-21-30].csv) or is it still in the csv file.

As you found, the date is not included with the time. Would having the date available in a separate column resolve your issue?

That would work. Getting the date from the file name is a bit of a hack, and likely to fail. Thanks.

That column has been added.

That looks good. Thanks.