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Live Video Feed??

Got a question. I can not see a live feed with the DJI Go 4 app. I can take still pics but never see them yet when I go into the part of the app for video and Pictures They are there. But when I try to view I get nothing. On the Video I have a recorded video yet via the app I can not replay. The bar will move when you play the video yet the screen is black.

I am linked meaning the drone and the remote control but to clarify I am not using wi-fi between the remote and the android phone. They are connected via the Patch cable between remote and phone.

My phone which may be the problem is listed on this link.

BLU Phone

It may be my phone on graphics but I am not sure. I see alot of people have a issue with the spark on Live Feed . I also have version of android 8.1

I get a error on my dji sreen via android phone telling me my wright speed to my sd card is set too slow. Anyone got any input on this so I may know how to raise the speed.

I will look at all suggestions if answered. You need to be able to see where you are flying and be able to have a general idea where you may be.

I do have a Samsung 7 on its way for I was told in another post it the BLU phone may not be compatible yet I have got it to do everything else with the app.

I will post the BLU phone I spoke of above was my issue totally. Only thing I could not get active on the BLU was the actual live feed from the cam. You could record and watch later but no Live Feed.
I did get the Samsung S7 and I am amazed. All of a sudden I got to watch the Live Feed. 5 hrs later with no crash and still going strong.
Most that post of the issue of a black screen, It may be Compatibility of your Own Android Phone