Litchi for mavic air App Store software

Can anyone help with info about this software? I understand that it has been around for a year or two. Is it worth the money :moneybag:? They have two for the mavic air; which one should I get? Thanks any help would be appreciated. Henry.

There is only one version of Litchi for DJI drones. You can find it in the app store on your mobile device. Look for “Litchi for DJI Drones”.

Many people are using Litchi for its waypoints feature. It’s more configurable and more convenient than using DJI GO since you can plan missions without actually flying your drone to each waypoint beforehand. If you fly lots of waypoint missions, then it would be something to strongly consider.

Some people have turned to Litchi since it sometimes runs better than DJI GO on slower mobile devices. If that’s you’re only reason for trying Litchi, then it would be better to first try installing an older version of DJI GO. As of today, DJI GO 4.2.16 runs well on most mobile devices.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to solely fly with Litchi:

  • You’ll still need to have DJI GO installed since there are some settings that cannot be configured in Litchi and/or some features that don’t exist in Litchi (e.g. updating the firmware).

  • Litchi flight logs don’t contain as much data as DJI GO flight logs. If having as much flight data as possible is important, then DJI GO is definitely the app you want to use.

  • If you crash your drone while flying with Litchi (or any 3rd party flight app) and DJI determines Litchi could have been the cause of the crash, they likely will not repair your drone for free under warranty. I haven’t seen many cases of this, but it has happened to some people (and DJI will warn you about this if you ask them).

For more details about the Litchi app, check out their website at