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Lightpainting with Mini

I’d like to light paint with the Mini by attaching an LED to it, but the Lumecubes all seem to be designed for the Pro or Air and may not fit the Mini (and perhaps are too heavy a payload). Does anyone know what’s the right setup for this? Thank you.

How about Firehouse ARC lights? They are super bright and have a mode that keeps them on the entire time.

Thanks for the tip! It looks like someone even made a mount for it:

But at least one person on Amazon says the ARC lights are not really visible at night and don’t fit nicely on the bottom of the Mini, only the top. Does anyone have experience with it?

Maybe they meant during the day? They are much brighter when used in the dark. I don’t know of any light this size that’s brighter.

Ok great. I’d like to try lightpainting with them. Sounds like they are bright enough, light enough for the mini payload, and the mount should fit (with difficulty possibly) to the belly of the mini. So going to give it a try. Thanks for the advice.