Licensing and future drones

Hi Mike
I am interested in your program. Is there a demo version or some manual to see some example ?
Second question, let’s say I have 10 drones and I am happy with the current version of your software and so I didn’t purchase maintenance for the second year. When DJI release Phantom 5 :slight_smile: or Mavic 3 or Spark 2 in some year, what will be my options?

  • Can I remove some older and unused drones to replace with new one with no change in the license needed?
  • Can I upgrade to a new version that would support some new drones even if I have some missing maintenance time period ?
  • Can I change of license to get more drone (>10) even if I have some missing maintenance time period ? What would be the condition ?

Sorry for all these questions, but I prefer to ask before investing.
Thanks for the time spent on your site and the so useful on-line log file viewer.

I don’t have a demo version. If you email me at [email protected], I’ll give you a license key you can use to install Flight Reader and try it out before you buy it.

  • If you have a Professional license (for 10 aircraft), you could remove one of those aircraft when you buy your 11th aircraft (and keep your existing license) or upgrade to the Unlimited license.

  • You can upgrade to a higher license level at any time. You don’t have to pay the yearly maintenance fee in order to upgrade. There is only one version of Flight Reader, so you won’t have to install a new version after upgrading your license.

Hi Mike-- sorry to bump up this thread…

I am interested in your software but would love to try it as well. I am looking for a demo/trial to ensure it meets my needs. Currently using 2 drones both recreationally and part 107 so want to be sure I have the appropriate logs/details if/when asked.

Thank you!