Lenovo TAB M7 - Dji Go 4 - No Video stream

Does anyone know where to find an version of Dji GO4 that will work on Lenovo TAB M7 Wifi 16GB?


What exactly isn’t working?

You can find tips for increasing the performance of Android devices and/or downgrading DJI GO here:

Well, perfromance wize it´s ok! But I don´t get any livefeed from the camera. All other data and functions are there. If I connect My Samsung S10 it works great.

Do I miss any graphic driver or something?

It’s likely just not compatible with your device. Try an older version of DJI GO.

I second that. Purchased the Lenovo to be used specifically and exclusively for the Mavic Pro Controller. It was a good size; larger than my phone but small enough to fit and be practical (not require the additional stand/holder the DJI sells). Nothing but a black screen. It will control the drone and even shoot video and images…the display just reveals nothing though. Contacted support and their best suggestion was to enable USB dedugging mode . Naturally this had zero effect. Given this means there are some devices that just arent compatible, I wish they would publish a list so I didn’t have to play ‘guess and check.’ Will be majorly pissed if on top of the proce of the Mavic 2 Pro, I now need to go and purchase an iPad to use it!

Rookie error… I should have looked through the forum before going for the Lenovo M7 device. Generally will not connect to the Phantom 4 and if it does there is no camera view available for some reason or another. Will likely stamp on the blessed thing and go for an iPad or similar… currently using the iPnone 7 without issue.