Last Known Coordinates

When are last known coordinates recorded when power failure and/or lost signal occurs? Or are “last known coordinates” simply the latest RTH location?

The last known position of the aircraft when signal or power loss occurs is very simply the current position at the point of signal or power loss. It is unrelated to RTH, unless the aircraft was already performing RTH at the time. Even then it is the last “current” position.

Thanks Dawg, this is very helpful. I lost my drone in the San Bernardino Mountains. I cannot understand why, in looking at the course of the last video taken, that the last known coordinates were across the valley. Is this typical or even possible?

If you can post your flight log from the flight, we can possibly tell you what happened, depending on the available data. You can upload your .txt log to this link:

Share a link back here to the uploaded file if you would like an analysis.

This is a Mavic Mini. I wish I had data. No flight path either. How can that be? I only have limited video and last known coordinates to go on.

The mini also records flight data, just as other DJI aircraft do.


Mobile device DJI TXT logs

The log naming convention, based on the date and time of the start of the flight, is: DJIFlightRecord_YYYY_MM_DD_[hr-min-sec].txt .​

Detailed instructions are available on @msinger’s excellent PhantomHelp website and also on AirData, but the basic details are as follows:​

With iOS devices running DJI GO 4 you need to access the app files via computer, either using iTunes or with a file system browser such as iExplorer. The TXT logs are in Apps » DJI GO 4 » FlightRecords . The same method can be used to access DJI Fly files in DJI Fly » FlightRecords , but with DJI Fly they are also accessible using the iOS Files app by selecting Browse » On My iPhone » DJI Fly » FlightRecords .​

With Android devices the file system should mount when plugged into a Windows machine, or via various software options on a Mac. With DJI GO 4 the TXT logs are in DJI » dji.go.v4 » FlightRecord . With DJI Fly they are in DJI » dji.go.v5 » FlightRecord .​

For some reason the flight data did not record at the start of flight so no .DAT file. All I have is video that stopped when signal became weak and last known coordinates. Which would be the best course of action, follow the path from video drop out to the RTH or last known coordinates to the RTH. They are two different directions.


I was able to get the flight log. Here is the link. Let me know what you think.

It looks like the battery still had 60% when signal lost. Do you think that it stayed on straight course until battery failure?