Laser Range Finder Data in Flight Log


we have a matrice 300 rtk and this device has a laser range finder. However, AirData or Phantomhelp does not extract any laser range fineder data from flight log. What is the way to access it or it is possible ?

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There is a slight possibility that the laser range finder data will exist in the .DAT recorded on the mobile device. The one M300 .DAT that I have doesn’t have anything that looks like the LRF data. But, then that particular M300 may not have an LRF. What is the purpose of the LRF.

If you want to take a look at your .DATs look for a file on the mobile device called RC_Enterprise_YYYMMDD.DAT. It should contain the .DATs we need to look at.

@BudWalker I looked to a dat file but could not see any laser data. I would like to upload a sample data but it says you can not do it as you are a new user. I will try to uplaod it to file storage web site.

Our M300 has a laser range finder and it calculates the distance between drone and focus point.

I haven’t seen that data in the TXT flight log either. However, there are still some sections/elements that have no documentation available and/or cannot be decrypted. For whatever reason, DJI is not willing to share the format for some of that data.

I was mistaken when I said that RC_Enterprise_YYYMMDD.DAT could be found on the mobile device. I think the controller was connected to DJI Assistant 2 which then retrieved the RC_Enterprise_YYYMMDD.DAT file. I’ve emailed the user that did this to see if I can get any more info.

@BudWalker then we wait any information from you, I am so glad for that.

I think we can calculate distance between drone and the target using altitude, gimbal pitch and little bit geometry. However, it would be great to access distance data dirrectly.

Haven’t heard anything from the user who managed to get the RC_Enterprise_YYYMMDD.DAT file by using DJI Assistant 2 connected to the controller.

CsvView/DatCon doesn’t know how to retrieve gimbal data from the .DAT. But, the Phantomhelp converter can retrieve gimbal data from the .txt log file. You could then do the geometric calculations to determine distance to target as you suggested.

However, drone altitude and gimbal angle isn’t enough to compute distance to target. You would have to know, or assume, target altitude.

@BudWalker My all targets is almost flat with ground, at least they are connected to ground and needed distance is from ground point and drone.

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