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Landing pad recommendations?

It recently occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a landing pad to protect my Mavic 2 Zoom from grass, dirt, etc. Do you have any recommendations on which ones to consider - or avoid, for that matter? I’m also wondering about how stable they are on grass and in a breeze. TIA, Russ

RIGINADO For DJI Mavic Air 2s landing gear, Extensions Height Extender Protector for DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone
I bought this for mine excellent clearance, easy to attach & remove !!

Stability isn’t an issue with the zoom. Small landing legs may not be adequate.
This type of mat works well and may be available in your local area.

Highly recommend the PgyTech landing pad. Foldable and easy to carry and stow in a bag/backpack. 2 colors, orange on one side, blue on the other. Comes with stakes when breezy.

I’ve tested it on precision RTH landings and works great. Initially wanted extension legs but some don’t fold with the drone when installed in my bag/case.

I’ve been using a Holy Stone landing pad, Holy Stone Drone Landing Pad 21.65"/55cm Waterproof Universal Portable Fast-Fold Accessory for All Drones& More Quadcopter Helicopter: Toys & Games
It come with four ground stakes and folds into an 8 inch diameter bag. Very useful on wet grass.

Thanks for the responses, All. Each seemed to be a great suggestion. In the end, I ordered the PGYTech for its size - open and closed - ease of storage, and ease of ordering (Amazon, of course). People on this forum always provide such a wealth of knowledge. I’m hoping I can reciprocate for somebody, someday when I know more. Russ

Hi, I use an old Photographic light reflector that has a white and black side. It keeps dust out of the drone and off the lens. I bought some brightly colored tape and put it on the blackside. It works, is light and fits in my car.

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