Laggy footage

Can anyone help? I have been taking footage with my mavic mini and whilst still in very close range the feed from the drone to my phone screen jumps and lags, and it will be the same in the playback.

Any ideas as to why???

Sounds like a slow processor or lack of RAM in your phone. What are you flying with? Have you reviewed the specs? That would be the first thing to check.

Im using my samsung galaxy s20 ultra. Wouldnt have thought it woupd have been a problem. Its a brand new top spec phone

Auto cache consumes processing time, turn it off unless you absolutely think you need it. See if that hellps.

Reference Elliscarr who was using a Samsung S20 Ultra and having lagging issues…
You suggested turning “Auto Cache” off… Is that in the S20 or in the DJI app?

How would you turn it off? I hope to get a DJI Mini 2 and the S20 phone for Christmas so I’m trying to learn things ahead of time.


Auto Cache is a selection in setup on my Mavic Air 2. I believe I’ve smacked a building a couple times because the video display was delayed.

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Thank you for the info Chuck.