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KML Tour

I’ve purchased the Flight Reader software and its been great obtaining all the information I need from each flight’s I’ve done.

I’ve been trying to obtain a KML Breadcrumb trail or a consistant flow replay of my flight.
What I’ve been trying to accomplish is putting a minimap on the corner of my video flights with an updated ORTHO Geotiff of our work site and displaying where the drone is at the time of recording.
When I export the KML through Flight Reader, it does show the exact route of my flight BUT it’s not a consistent flow where there are delays in-between the linework of how the KML was exported.

It would be nice if the KML was exported that it was exactly the same time duration once launched and landed replay exactly when I drag the time replay on the Browser Viewer, or am I missing something?

Google Earth Tour replay: 2021 11 22 06 37 38 - YouTube
Log viewer on Browser when dragging the timestamp replay: 2021 11 22 06 38 44 - YouTube

The KML generated by Flight Reader (and my online log viewer) do not contain every recorded location from the flight log.

If you right click the flight in the main Flight Reader window and select “Open Log Folder”, you’ll find a GPX file. That file contains all available location data. Perhaps that would be more useful?

Thanks Msinger! That does help