Issues with original Mavic Pro

I am having a few issues with my Mavic Pro… I don’t know if it is important, but it is one of the original mavic Pros that I have had for 5+ years… I have flown it very little because I started a new job after its purchase and haven’t had time…

After a few tries, I was able to do a firmware update and it says I have the latest firmware… the area I am in is not in a No Fly Zone, so that is not the issue… The batteries are fully charged and everything seemed to be fine upon take off… I had the green “feel free to fly” message…

So, I took off and went straight up to about 300 feet, when I started flying forward, the DJI app disconnected and the map disappeared… The drone was still within my visual sight so, i could see the drone still responding to the commands from the remote, but the app was completly disconnected. Ieven tried to press the return to home command, but the button on the app was not available to be pressed… I had to fly by watching the drone and flying back to me… it was not an issue since I was so close, but what if I was 3 miles away and relying on the video via the app to make it back?? And, what happened to the return command?? I thought after 15 seconds of disconnect, it automatically returned? At least, that is how it has always worked in the past… I was never able to get the app to reconnect until I landed, shut everything down, and then started up again…

That only occurs when the remote controller connection (downlink) is lost.

I have never seen a disconnect where the app disconnects but the remote doesnt… so does anyone have any experience with an issue like this?

It’s quite a common occurrence in the DJI world. What kind of experience are you seeking?

Same here, I also have quite often had the dreaded video signal dropout. (probably a dozen or so times over the last 12 months).
After the initial panic you simply get used to it and just navigate using the data on the controller.
Or hit RTH and wait for the mavic to return to you. No big deal!
Much worse is the complete flyaway, where you have no control over any action. Painful watching your little friend disappearing and nothing you do can make it return. Ask me how I know! (lost my first mavic Pro, but have another now)

For sure! It’s a rather complicated topic as there are many things that can lead up to that. Check out my article here for tips on avoiding a flyway situation.

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I didn’t even think to try the RTH on the remote… When I couldn’t get the app to work, I guess I panicked… This is a first for me in over 3 years of flying…

Thx… I guess I will try again and see what happens.

Yes, that would be a better option than trying to rely on the app for that functionality. And while I’d consider this a last resort, you could also power off the remote controller to force the drone to initiate RTH.

I’ve only had the app stop working due to my phone overheating (S21), but I was able to use the RTH button on the RC. However, the GPS onboard the Mavic Pro had a “critical error” 3 times during my flights. Without a working GPS, the RTH button doesn’t work because it has no way of navigating. This happened with the drone 2k+ feet out there, but I was able to use the POV on the app to manually fly it back. After restarting the drone, flip a coin as to the GPS working again. Also, if either of these things happen when flying a map, it will NOT save a “resume” spot and you will have to start over either from the beginning or from the last saved spot you might have. I was on the last path of the route when my phone overheated and had to re-fly the map from about the half-way point. Just make it a point to pause and resume periodically during the flight. This was all during my very first drone flight. Is this normal?

A phone overheating could be normal depending on the phone being used and temperature in the flying location. You could try things like removing the phone from its case (if in a case) and flying in the shade.

The GPS failing is not a normal thing though. Perhaps you’re facing a faulty hardware issue.