Is this a gimbal issue or just wind?

Was recently flying a Litchi mission in Fairhope AL, around a pier and 2/3 of the flight the camera gets a little shaky but then around 4/5 of the mission the video is at a 45 degree angle. Can someone please look at the info below and let me know what caused this? It hasn’t happened before (and since) I’m thinking it was a fluke because of the direction it was flying along with wind direction but then again I’ve flown in very similar conditions like this, so I’m puzzled.

Flight log here

Airdata UAV info

Link to video (2:55 shaky, 3:45 very tilted, 4:36 suddenly straightens up!)

Appreciate any insight that anyone can provide!

I think that was the issue. It seemed to only have been a problem when your Mavic was turned sideways and tilting with the wind.

Once the aircraft tilts sideways beyond a certain point, the gimbal is not able to stabilize itself. You can tilt it in your hand while powered on to reproduce a situation like that.

I guess I’ve never had that happen before, even in similar, windy conditions. Thanks for the second pair of eyes.

I’ve also seen this. It was very windy and the 2nd or 3rd flight with my Mavic Pro. Hasn’t happened since.