Is there any sound recorded on the Mavic 2 Pro

I am wondering if my drone has a microphone. What can I do to record the original sounds on my video?

You can record from your device. The aircraft does not have a microphone, nor would anyone want it to IMO.

I am sorry, can you explain this please?

If you’re caching video on your mobile device, you’ll see this option to record sound along with that video:

When this setting is enabled, sound will be recorded from your mobile device and stored along with the cached video on your mobile device. You’ll need to use a video editor to copy the sound from those cached video files and combine it with the higher quality video files on your Mavic’s memory card.

If you really want to record audio from your Mavic, you could attach some type of small voice recorder to the aircraft. Something like this would be lightweight enough:

If the drone had a mic I suspect all you would hear is the prop wash and motors.

Thank you very much!