Is there a big differance Between Phantom 4 Standard and Pro v2 bodies

Hi, I have been given a standard model with some body damage namely where the landing gear attaches. I think it has had a hard landing.
The help I am looking for is, does the pro v2 shell fit the standard or is it a no-go situation?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated, I am fed up with searching the net for a standard bottom shell.

No, you’ll need a Phantom 3 Standard shell. They are available here on eBay:

Hi, msinger, Thank you for your response, but the bottom shell I was talking about is for Phantom 4 standard.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

You can purchase a Phantom 4 bottom shell from an authorized DJI dealer here on Amazon.

Hi msinger, thank you for your help but when I click the Amazon link, the message is not available.
Really appreciate your help, I’ll just have to keep looking.

It might not be available if you’re outside of the US. Where are you located?

Hi Live in UK

This eBay seller ships to the UK:

Thanks once again, you’ve been very helpful.