Is a forced landing normal at 20% battery remaining?

Brand new to drones. Flew my brand new mini on two freshly charged batteries. Both batteries only lasted about 16 minutes. Log of the entire flight on the second battery linked below. Auto landing initiated with 20% battery remaining.

It looks like the VPS commanded the landing. Your Low Battery is set for 20%, coinciding with the VPS detected altitude of 5m, which is the Forced Landing Height.

So, if I’d been higher than 5m it would have allowed me to continue to fly?

Can the “Low Battery” be set lower than 20%? Should it?

Can the “Forced Landing Height” be set higher/lower? Should it?


Hey mate, I have never played with that setting but I was still flying at 7% on my last flight and was under 5m.
It kept telling me batt was low and to land but did not force a landing.
I was deliberately keeping it up to see how far I could push it.
I’ll have to check my settings, but I don’t recall changing that.


At 21% batt level your MM countdown for a SmartBatt GoHome action.
Starting the countdown at 39 meters away from homepoint, at zero countdown distance to HP 18 meters. Within 20 meters away from HP RTH is not flying home but landing, as it did.

Has noting to do with the height you were flying. Forcelanding height of 5 meters in the log is actually 0.5 meters as default height for a normal hover to landing (done by 100% down stick)


Hola, yo ayer volé bajo en un área despejada, y al 20% me avisó que tenía que aterrizar por batería baja, y me preguntó si aceptaba o cancelaba el aterrizaje, yo opte por cancelar y seguí volando, creo que deberías repetir lo más cercano a las condiciones del dia de tu vuelo y verificar los mensajes que te de la app