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iPhone 6 Plus not working any more for Mini 2

Worked well until software upgarade 2021 summer.
Now it loses connection.
Quickshot impossible.

So this phone can be removed from comp. list.

Which summer 2021 upgrade?
Any iOS update to the iPhone 6 Plus essentially bricked it. If you had auto updates turned on, I’m surprised its performance wasn’t already destroyed, Just updating from iOS 10 to iOS 11 to accommodate an Apple Watch destroyed mine. After that update, even the native camera app took literally 30 seconds to load before it could even take a photo! Before that, all apps worked perfectly under the version iOS 10 that it shipped with! I can now only use it for internet radio! :frowning:

Can´t remember I sold the phone and using now my iPhone 8 which works perfect.
I heard same CPU overload isue also from iPhone 7 owners. So it´s abit missleading to have phones on list which are not working properly. Can I trust any other recommended phone/tab?