iPad Screen Freeze

During a recent flight my screen on my iPad froze while taking pictures. It was good that I had not lost sight of my drone or it would have been lost. I had to bring the bird back, land it, exit out of the DJI App and reconnect. Later I found this could be done while the drone was in flight, but it made me uneasy. Any clue as to why this suddenly started to happen.

A recent DJI GO upgrade or flying in hotter temperatures could be to blame. Try applying the tips from this article:

Install DJI GO on an Apple Tablet or Phone (Step-by-Step Guide)

I would think if you turned the DJI App off while the drone was still flying, the drone would sense lost of signal and initiate a RTH.

The drone will not initiate RTH until the remote controller signal (the uplink) disconnects. If the downlink (the live video feed) disconnects, DJI GO crashes/restarts, and/or the mobile device crashes/restarts, the drone will continue to fly since it’s still connected and controlled by the remote controller.

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Hi msinger,

A question I have had a hard time finding the answer to whether in the manual or in the forums is making changes to you Ipad or Apple Device. I am learning to fly a Mavic Pro and really enjoying the learning curve. I am a retired RC Aircraft pilot, one of those you build it I will fly it. Anyway you had commented recently on a post about an Ipad freezing up and things you can do. Your one comment that my question pertains to is,Try applying the tips from this article:

Install DJI GO on an Apple Tablet or Phone (Step-by-Step Guide)

My question is, when you make these changes to your Apple device, do you have to have to have the Mavic Pro on and connected to the Ipad or Apple device, I utilize a Ipad mini 4. And are there times when you have to be connected to the Mavic Pro or do you always have to be connected to the Mavic Pro to make changes?

This Old Timer greatly appreciates your assistance!

Your Mavic Pro does not need to be connected when making Apple device changes outside of DJI GO.

Most of the DJI GO settings are stored on the aircraft, remote controller, or battery. While you’ll be able to see/toggle/change many of those settings even when your Mavic Pro is not connected to DJI GO, they will only be saved and remembered if your Mavic Pro is connected to DJI GO.

The video cache related settings are an example of settings that are stored on your mobile device. Since they are stored on your mobile, your Mavic Pro does not need to be connected in order to change them. And when you change them, you’ll see they are still remembered after shutting down and restarting DJI GO.

I don’t know of a complete list of settings that explains where each setting is stored. So, it would be best/easiest to connect your Mavic Pro to DJI GO before attempting to view/change any settings.