Inspire crash after init DroneDeploy flight plan


Las Saturday I had an incident flying my DJI Inspire 1, luckily without damage to people or other material goods.

I just started the flight in the same place I had flown on Wednesday Nov 30, using DroneDeploy when it reached 92 meters of height after taking off, he lost warning me “the RC signal is bad” and it collapsed without apparent cause.

The setup on DJI Go was RTH for RC Signal Lost, however it fell crashingly!

This is the log that I downloaded from the tablet:

The equipment was very damaged.

Here, I send you some descriptive images:

Could you help me to find the crash cause?

I hope your answer.


Can you retrieve the .DAT from the Inspire? Look here to see how to do this. It will be FLY100.DAT. You’ll need to use a public sharing site like Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

This looks like a catastrophic battery failure. But is you can retrieve the aircraft .dat file as mentioned it may show a bit more. Signal was lost at 16.2 seconds. @BudWalker…Did you see the very end of the data below? Is that bogus or did signal come back??

Looks to me like the signal came back. The GPS coords continued where they left off.

Hello @BudWalker and @Fly_Dawg, thanks for your answer.

I was retrieved 4 .DAT files, and I uploaded to Google Drive here:

I apreciate your help.


Hmmmm…This still looks like some sort of catastrophic power failure. FLY100 ends at approx 92meters basically straight above you. The other .dat files are incomplete or corrupted. This will be all the data available as far as I can tell and completely inconclusive, unless someone else finds something that I didn’t see.

Yeah, unfortunately the Inspire 1 has a clock speed of 600 Hz like the P3. So we can’t use the technique of looking at the motorVolts data to see a voltage collapse like what we would see on the platforms after the P3/I1.