Inspire 1 pro activation help


i have a new inspire 1 pro.
is there a way to activate it without using the app?
also can i run the drone using a hdmi screen instead of an android device?
last but not least has anyone successfully used and emulator on windows pc?


You must activate the drone in DJI GO.

No. The HDMI port will only output video.

thanks for your reply.
the hdmi should output telelemtry data as well
what stops you flying using hdmi alone?

Right. I was trying to point out that it’s a view-only option. You cannot connect a device via HDMI and control the drone with that device.

Nothing. You could fly with just the remote controller too.

FYI, if you’re running firmware (the current version), the height will be restricted to 30 meters and the distance will be restricted to 50 meters if you don’t connect the Inspire to DJI GO each time you fly.

that answers my questions.

thank you very much for your help :smile:

another point-
does dji assistant support inspire pros?


it there an equivalent/third party option

A 3rd party option to perform which tasks?

changing settings etc

It would be best to use DJI GO. Many of the commonly used settings can also be configured in 3rd party apps like Litchi.

is there any third party programs/software which allow you to change common settings that will run on windows pc?

to change aircraft settings and calibration etc
basically similar to the dji go app settings

There are no 3rd party alternatives for the DJI Assistant application.