Information on editing and playing footage

Hi -

I have a laptop that I am using for editing with PowerDirector. It has a Core i7 processor, but it doesn’t have a dedicated graphic card. The drone I’m using is a Mini 2.

Three questions please:

1). My videos seem to come out fine except for when I color correct them. They lag after post and are very grainy. I’m sure the lag and the graininess are because of the non-dedicated graphic card. I’m I correct?

2). If I upgrade to a laptop with a decent graphic card, will I notice a difference in video quality before editing? In other words, will just playing the MP4 files without editing have increased quality?

3). Can anyone recommend a laptop and / or a graphic card if I decided to upgrade my computer?

Right now, I am mainly recording and editing nature, outdoor videos.

My current laptop is only a few years old and it’s a pretty decent one. I just want to be sure I’m going to get better results before I invest in a newer computer.

Thanks alot.